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60/100-12 (33M) M403 MX MEDIUM

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    60/100-12 (33M) M403 MX MEDIUM
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Bridgestone M403 60/100-12 Mid Front Tyre

With heritage from some of the best teams in the sport like Pro Circuit Kawasaki and Factory Suzuki, the Bridgestone M403 is the intermediate tire for the serious dirt bike rider pushing the limits. Able to maintain grip from soft loam to even hard blue groove, the M403 gives predictable hookup race after race.

O Derived from top MX/SX racing technologies, the new M403 covers a wide range of soils as well as ultimate performance on medium-hard terrain
O The front M403 provides advanced controllability and contact feel when turning into the rutted and slick corners
O With the improved performance, the M403 lets you flick into the corner and utilize the bikes power to its maximum, while providing more grip and contact feel at your full lean
O Designed for use with the M404 rear tyre