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Strawberry Trial 2 Scented 2-Stroke

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    Strawberry Trial 2 Scented 2-Stroke
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Strawberry Trial 2
(Scented Synthetic)

Strawberry Trial 2 Stroke is a low ash synthetic 2 stroke lubricant with a sweet strawberry fragrance for use in injection systems or as a pre-mix at manufacturer’s recommended ratios.
*Low ash formulation provides a high resistance to harmful pre-ignition, a severe problem in larger or more powerful two stroke engines.

  • Ultimate protection for today’s high performance two stroke throughout a very wide temperature range.
  • Benefits include; accurate metering, sharp throttle response, low smoke and extreme thermal stability.
  • Maximum performance, even under the most severe conditions.
  • Synthetic formulation helps provide maximum shear strength for complete protection of crankshafts and pistons, as well as improved engine cleanliness and reduced smoke.
    Performance Specifications / Approvals:
    JASO FC, FD Global ISO-L-EGD
    Strawberry Trial 2 Stroke also meets the requirements of SEA-DOO jet skis.
    Typical Physical Characteristics
    Density 15C 0.867 Viscosity 40C 61.0 cSt
    Pour Point < – 20 C
    Appearance Clear red liquid