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SHIN: F- TYRE 216MX 90/100-21 "FATTY"

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    SHIN: F- TYRE 216MX 90/100-21 "FATTY"
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SR216 FRONT Adds confidence even in the most demanding terrain with a large rolling diameter and section width the 216 is made to handle all kinds of uneven and difficult surfaces with exceptional results. The 90/90-21 front also incorporates re-inforced outer knobs for use better traction in a range of different terrains.

SR216 REAR is the tire of choice for extreme enduro riders, its pretty much an essential part of being competitive in the sport.

REAR tyres are two versions for different terrain and conditions:

– MX version is the all round enduro compound with a s oft carcass for increased traction. – SX version is the ultra-soft tire for extreme grip on the toughest terrain, using ultra-soft rubber for knob construction and the same carcass as the MX version of the 216 – Both SX and MX are FIM approved enduro tyres

FRONT Tyres:

– 90/100-21 “Fat Tyre” 216Mx – Extreme Offroad/Enduro/Desert tire – “Taller-Fuller” profile navigates through rocks, trees and square edge terrain with ease – Split tread pattern cleans out wheel and offers precise point and go control – FIM Approved – Perfect pairing with the Shinko 505 or 525 Cheater tire or of course the Famous 216 – Proven for years in Europe’s Erzberg, Romaniacs, and other extreme Enduro events