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SHIN: R- TYRE CHEATER R525 120/100-18

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    SHIN: R- TYRE CHEATER R525 120/100-18
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525 CHEATER is the newest offering from Shinko Tyres.

The New CHEATER offers Hybrid capabilities: Hard Enduro / Extreme single track trail tyre to find traction in the most extreme conditions—it’s almost like cheating!

The 525 CHEATER:

– Gives you the best of both worlds, soft sticky rubber compound like the Trail Pro 255 trials tire offers in a knobby tread pattern to work in a wider variety of soil conditions, the 525 CHEATER differs from the 505 CHEATER in that it is based on a more open pattern that is suited to softer terrain than the 505 CHEATER. – Where the 505 CHEATER may fall short in muddy conditions the 525 CHEATER has been added to the range to bridge that gap in capabilities between the 505 CHEATER and standard soft terrain knobby’s. – Where a Trials tire falls short in braking and lose soil conditions, the 525 “Cheater” bridges that gap to make it the Ultimate Hybrid off-road tire – Adds confidence even in the most demanding terrain – Available in popular 18’‘ and 19’‘ sizes